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1 → You received an Adobe Illustrator-pdf of somebody from your network;

2 → Open this file in Adobe Illustrator and fill out your name at the bottom of the page;

3 → We have given each of the first contributors an URL, which contains a theme to start with (you can also find this URL on this website). Together with the design of the poster you've received, this is an inspiration for you to take the design a step further;

4 → You add/delete/change anything you like, to make it your own;

5 → Once you have finished, we would like you to send the poster to 2 of your personal graphic connections in order to continue the chain reaction;

6 → Also send your illustrator-poster to mail@connected-project.nl and we will publish the poster directly to the website. Please also provide us your name, function, city and website.

If correct, you've received a vector illustrator-pdf. Save your final design as a pdf. Check if the preserve Illustrator editing capabilities-box is checked on, so the file remains editable. (If you make a pdf-file in Photoshop or InDesign it is not editable anymore)

→ Considering the deadline of the festival (30th of May) we would like you to spend not more than one week on your design!! That way we can create the biggest tornado..

Succes and enjoy your participation in Connected-2! Continue checking this website for updates and we hope to see you all at the exhibition!